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The Stage 4.3 kit perfectly fits for 4x4 Sprinter Vans weighing 3,5 t to 4,5 tons . 


The Stage 4.3 kit utilizes front and rear fully adjustable piggy back SP2 3.3 Fast Adjust shocks for owners that want complete control over their suspension. The Fast Adjust shocks allow you to easily soften up the suspension for extended dirt road travel or firm it up for windy days and long highway stretches for sports car like handling. This is the perfect kit for stock Revels, light weight adventure vans, and most passenger vans weighing over 3,5 t to smooth out the harshness experienced on washboard roads and sharp, abrupt impacts. Our Stage 4.3 suspension package transforms the Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 from a violently swaying and lumbering cargo van into a vehicle with true German luxury car feeling and control both on and offroad. Vehicle control and suspension compliance are the two areas of ride quality we focused on when we engineered this kit, and each shock is packed full of our knowledge tuning suspensions to work perfectly for the intended purposes of these adventure vans.

The cornerstone of our Stage 4.3 kit is the fully adjustable Falcon Piggyback Reservoir 3.3 Fast Adjust Shocks. These shocks have a MASSIVE range of compression adjustment at the simple flip of a knob. With the large, red Fast Adjust knob, placed in an easy to access spot, you will definitely take advantage of the adjustment features of these shocks.

Position 1, the softest setting, is optimized for rough dirt road travel.

Position 2, and utilizing the micro dial to fine tune, sets the shocks for everyday comfort and is the preferred setting for everyday road going travel. This is your van’s every day normal running around town setting.

Position 3, the firmest setting, will engage maximum stability for loaded highway travel and treacherous cross wind conditions. Cross wind sway, poor cornering stability, low speed rocking and harshness are a thing of the past with the Van Compass Stage 4.3 kit installed!

The Stage 4.3 kit retains the factory suspension geometry which is critical for safe emergency lane change procedures as well as off-road performance, and corrects sagging rear suspension but adding the tuned mini pack add a leaf system. This spring pack increases your spring rate, netting roughly 3,1 cm of lift and helping to preserve ride height in heavily loaded vans. While other kits on the market force the van up 5 cm in ride height and sacrifice critical down travel in order to gain front spring rate, our Stage 2.3 kit utilizes a front sumo spring to accomplish the same thing without maxing out the limits of your van’s front suspension. This means control arm angles, axle shaft and steering angles stay neutral and your van retains it’s ability to articulate and keep it’s tires planted on the ground while traversing rough forest roads. The front sumo spring greatly helps with front stability and reducing harsh bottoming of the front suspension without sacrificing suspension travel. It optimizes your van’s front suspension and properly loads the chassis in an area designed to hold a spring load. Paired with a tuned Falcon 3.3 Fast Adjust front shock and the original Van Compass secondary shock mounting bracketry, your Sprinter will have a sporty but compliant feeling the way a Mercedes Benz vehicle should.


To determine the actual weight of your vehicle, go to a local farm truck / or camping car seller or truck garage to utilize their scale

  • Front Falcon 2.315" piggy back reservoir 3.3 Fast Adjust Shocks
  • Front 4x4 Sprinter Sumo Springs
  • Rear Falcon 2.315" piggy back reservoir SP2 3.3 Fast Adjust Shocks
  • Rear mini pack add a leaf
  • Dust boots for all 4 shocks.
  • All necessary hardware and instructions for a simple installation


NOTE - Some 907 Sprinter Vans with rear A/C are not compatible with our front shock mounts. Please look in the passenger wheel well for a/c lines under the plastic fender liner. 

| M.H. 10-07-2023 12:59

Probefahrt haben wir gerade getätigt… ganz ehrlich… Wahnsinn. Völlig anderes Fahrverhalten. Von der sich aufschaukelnden Schrankwand zu einem perfekten Fahrverhalten. Trotz Aufstelldach und hohem Gewicht mit 4,1t. Danke!!!!

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